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YOUTUBE AD CAMPAIGN (Google Ads and Trueview Ads)
Objective of the Youtube campaign is to grow the artist's individual video views and subscribers:

- Full channel optimization overview Youtube sweep to ensure best practices, accurate categories, hashtags, playlist & end cards are correct to enhance content view opportunities
- Convert standard Youtube channel to Brand channel
- Weekly views report

Objective is to grow the artist’s (all genre’s) monthly listeners and monthly followers over time. Overall DSP support from key DSP’s Editorial playlist support at Spotify. Advise on profile best practices Provide weekly streaming analytics

Level Up Your Advertising with TikTok for Business. Reach New Audiences & Drive Results. Drive Brand Awareness, Find New Customers & Drive Sales on Your Site with TikTok Ads. Artist influencer Marketing. We implement  UGC’s – User Generated Content and creative ways that will help drive discoverability for artist music and brands on Tik Tok.

Top Notch Music has strong relationships with Spotify, Tidal, Sound cloud, Apple, Spotify Uk, and Google. We offer cost effective streaming packages for independent artist of all generes such as Pop, Hip Hop, R&b, Rock, Alternative, Dance Gospel and Jazz.

Top Notch Music and Marketing has strong relationships with urban, pop. and cross-over commercial radio stations nationwide. Our relationships with the DJs. on-air personalities. promotions and programming departments give us the opportunity to execute out of the box radio marketing campaigns. We create awareness campaigns with commercial radio that introduce new film releases, consumer products, music groups and home videos. Our overall goal is to acquire organic on-air mentions for our clients. The Top Notch marketing staff strives to create hip cost-effective contests and programs that create product awareness.

TopNotch Promotions  has strong relationships that we have developed over the years that has allowed us to market and promote songs within the radio broadcasting community at all levels Internet, Satellite, College and Terrestrial Commercial FM Radio . We specialize in   Urban , Pop , Rap , Dance , Alternative, Rock  and  Jazz formats.

You will receive weekly radio tracking reports (BDS / Mediabase or DigitalRadioTracker (DRT) Report) either on Mondays or Tuesdays depending on the type of campaign selected. These radio reports will include the radio stations that added your music to rotation, the number of spins you received for the week, total spin count per radio station and much more!

We will digitally deliver your broadcast quality MP3 (128 kbps or better) to the station panel you selected for radio airplay consideration on your "Add" date. Your music will also be saved on our servers where radio station programmers will have access to it any time during your radio campaign.

Our experienced staff will follow-up with the radio station programmers via both phone calls and emails to confirm they have your music and are considering it for radio airplay. In addition, an E-Blast of your music will be sent to the radio station programmers one week after the "Add" date as a reminder of your music and to reemphasize direct visibility and overall awareness.

TopNotch Promotions and Marketing specialize in UK radio promotions with strong relationships with radio programmers, radio djs and club djs. We promote your music to the top Radio Stations such as Producers at 1fm/1xtra/Kiss, Choice. and more. Our goal is to get your music on the playlist of the urban stations such as Jazz Fm, Solar, Colourful, Starpoint, Bang, Stomp and more. We target all of the statons and over 300 + lifestyle djs in the Uk . We also aggressively pitch for artist interviews at the stations that are supporting the record. Our focus is to get Independent & Major Label artist awareness and exposure in the uk so artist can have a track record at the UK radio format.

Top Notch Music and Urban Marketing has established strong relationships with the top digital music satellite companies in the world including DMX Sirius. Music Choice, and XM Satellite Radio. Because the use of satellite radio is on the rise. Top Notch Music and Urban Marketing can create awareness programs that reach a multitude of listeners.

Top Notch Music has strong relationships with Black College Radio . We have developed a successful program that allows Independent and Established artist get heard at Black College Radio Stations nationwide .We focus on the top 40 stations that play : Hip Hop , R&B , Gospel , Gospel Rap , Jazz , Afro Punk & Urban Alternative. We set up artist interviews , create social media college campaigns , execute a national servicing of artist single and provide a format of direct servicing artist merch to the colleges on a national basis.

Top Notch Music and Urban Marketing has great relationships with the most influential syndicated radio shows in the world including the Tom Joyner, Doug Banks, and The Wake Up Show These three syndicated radio shows have over 120 radio outlets that serve over two million listeners nationwide.

Our lifestyle marketing representatives are energetic creative and have developed an expertise for their respective regions. Our marketing representatives are cutting edge and pride themselves on being able to penetrate sectors of the market place that corporate America often can not reach Our marketing representatives use grass roots techniques to create product awareness. Each of our marketing representatives have strong relationships with club promoters. night clubs, radio stations, college organizations, record stores, lifestyle establishments. local publications, beauty salons, barber shops, churches, youth organizations, record pools, DJ associations, and event planning organizations. Our lifestyle marketing representatives diligently provide prompt project feedback to our clients The Top Notch Lifestyle Marketing Team tailors campaigns to achieve the product marketing goals of our clients.

Top Notch Music and Marketing staff representatives has has strong relationships with marketing managers in the National Football League. National Basketball Association, and Major League Baseball. We work with the various league marketing managers to create diverse marketing campaigns. Our goal is to create large scale product marketing to the thousands of league fans.

Top Notch Music and Marketing are experts in movie marketing. The Top Notch Marketing staff will implement marketing initiatives to cultivate an organic buzz nation wide. We create and strengthen the buzz of the movie through use of various tools which may include mobile advertising, screenings, field marketing, viral campaigns and consumer response programs.

Top Notch Music and Marketing has developed creative ways to introduce consumer goods, film and music to a diverse audience. Our marketing team will provide step-by-step assistance in developing a custom marketing campaign to enhance brand development. The Top Notch Marketing team can assist in identifying a brand strategy that will reinforce the success of a project.

Topnotch promotions & Marketing are the experts in promoting small businesses. Our team implements the most effective and strategic ways to create awareness for small businesses. We are best at creating social media , public relations and special events that will give your company the competitive edge that is needed to be able to win.

Through virtually hundreds of contacts with webmasters and online editors, Top Notch Media Group can get your project exposure on lifestyle sites of the target demographic (AllHipHop, HipHopDX, WorldStarHipHop, NahRight, etc).Third Party Marketing can include but isn’t limited to Contests/Sweepstakes, Reviews, Interviews, Audio/Video Promotions, Listening Parties, etc.

Top Notch Music and Marketing provides digital distribution to over 600 online and mobile destinations worldwide in more than 100 territories. We have solid partnerships with and deliver to retailers like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and many more. Our end-to-end digital asset management platform automates many distribution and administrative functions. Our platform is a content hub that connects directly to all leading online and mobile stores worldwide. Utilizing the client console, you have total visibility on the status of your releases- how, when and where they have been distributed, the ability to opt in and out of retail deals and review and export monthly sales reports for all retailers. Top Notch Music and Marketing is a true digital distribution company, not just an aggregator of services. Mobile distribution is key to expanding your consumer each in the digital marketplace. Ringtones, Ringbacks, Wallpapers, Full Track downloads and Video Ringers are being offered by carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. Top Notch Music and Marketing understands the market potential and can discuss opportunities to create visibility for your catalog within the mobile space.

Top Notch Music and Marketing has a powerful nationwide vehicle advertising team. Vehicle advertising has proven to be an effective method to promote and market products. Our team consistently visits the hottest clubs, special events, concerts, and sporting events across the county. We also visit high schools, colleges, shopping malls, record stores, recreation centers, parks, beaches barbershops, beauty salons and lifestyle retailers.

With an endless supply of online communities & blogs, Top Notch Media Group can enter discussion forums, and begin a discussion on the topic of your current project. Each discussion includes the essential information for readers, such as Name of the project, Release date, website link and etc. The posts are then gathered by Top Notch Media Group and feedback is then analyzed to determine consumer response.

With nearly 500 Million users on Myspace, Twitter & Facebook, social networking is becoming an incredibly large market for direct contact with fans of all types of projects. Top Notch Media Group develops, markets and expands your fan base through such Social networking sites like, and Twitter. Through target marketing, and project updates, Top Notch Media Group can gather consumer response to the project.

Top Notch Media Group has successfully carried out dozens of successful banner ad campaigns for our clients by specifically targeting each individual artists specific demographic and placing banners in those communities for maximum exposure. Top Notch Media Group can assist in creation of your banner ad campaign through our extensive knowledge of this field.

We present and promote your song to our retail partners at our weekly meeting for placement consideration in the appropriate playlists, which include: AA (Adult Album Alternative), AC/Indie Mix, Active Rock, Adult Contemporary, Adult Top 40, Alternative Children’s Music, Classic Hits, Classic Rock, Country, Dance/EDM, Jazz, Mainstream Rock, Rhythmic, Top 40, Urban AND MORE! 

Our retail partners work WITH OVER 35,000 STORES! Big box, restaurants, retail, malls ... EVERYWHERE your audience is! We deliver custom Metro Reports of your in-store impressions.

Top Notch Music and Marketing has years of experience in Artist Publicity. We create an exclusive and eye catching artist press release to catch the attention of blogs, Senior editors of music publication and site managers. Our expertise is in Album, Ep, Single and Video publicity Campaigns. We also pitch for artist interviews at blogs and online and physical publications and digital music industry sites.