T'Melle Cross the Line


"Cross the Line"

T'Melle was discovered by the late Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez of TLC. Lopez added her to one of her girl groups, Egypt. The other group members were Joy "Zada" Lonon, Katrina "Akila" Gibson, and Sophia "Isis" Gibson. T'Melle was previously named T'Nef. Lopez mentored and managed the group. On April 25, 2002, a car crash in La Ceiba, Honduras killed Lopez and injured other friends and family members, including T'Melle. T'Melle was among the seriously injured passengers, and unable to walk on her own. T'Melle left the group, began using a wheelchair, and underwent numerous surgeries to her left leg and hip.

Although she was a teenager, she convinced her parents to support her move to Atlanta, Georgia, so she could continue her career path. Through diligent hard work and focus, T'Melle was introduced to Walter Sutton, CEO of Infra-Red Entertainment, an Atlanta-based entertainment company. While in Atlanta, T'Melle perfected every aspect of her craft and captured the attention of R&B notable Usher Raymond. Soon after, she traveled with Usher on a European tour as his only female background singer. Grammy Award-winning producer, Tricky Stewart, who was also captivated by her vocals and stage performance style, took her under his wing, which aided in her advancement as an artist.

T'Melle's most recent album, "The Interview", was released in 2013. It was led by the single Go To War, which was released in April 2011. "Pill" was released on Rapper Future's Mixtape "Welcome 2 Mollyworld" in late August.

In October 2015 she released her uptempo Single "Drop it down"!

Her New Song "Cross the line ft. Kevin Gates" released in summer 2016