RunItUpTahj Hit Yo Groove


"Hit Yo Groove"

“Hit Yo Groove,” a song that has stormed the internet by millions. RunitupTahj from Chesapeake, VA has ran up views on many platforms. More specifically Tik Tok, where users create short dance, lip sync, comedy, and talent videos. #HitYoGrooveChallenge has been put on by many celebrity Tik Tokers such as Chris Brown,Ciara,Tiny & Family, Young Ma, Dream Doll, Fatboy SSE, DreamDoll, DC YoungFly, Tyga, Alicia Keys, Swizz Beats and even the iconic Lebron James Kids (Bronny) and so many more participants. " Hit Yo Groove" recently hit over 7 million plays on youtube audio & over 1.3 million views on his official video. RunitupTahj has over 8 million music streams. RunitupTahj was named trending artist on apple music, triller and tiktok. The official music video was released on April 6th. This song is a testament to the renewed prominence of dancing in rap music nowadays where songs go viral faster if they’ve got a “groove” to step to.