Reef Balla Walk on Water

Reef Balla

"Walk on Water"

The new voice of Hip Hop has a name and it’s Reef Balla! Set to return energy and fun back to Hip Hop with a new generational feel embracing his New York roots with a twist of down south Miami appeal, where he currently resides. Reef Balla grew up in the Gun Hill section in the uptown Bronx, New York. He developed a love of music at very early age playing the flute and the guitar by the age of 9. He was influenced to start writing and recording music by artists like 50 Cent, Nas, and Lil Wayne using family, and his neighborhood to fuel his artistry. Reef has always dreamed of becoming a platinum recording artist, becoming incredibly successful, and is well on his way!

2018 is looking to be a very promising year for Reef Balla, with the release of his latest project Sacrifices. Singles like 2 Door and Effen are sure to vibe worthy favorites with fans, and others like Walk on the Water, From the Startt, and Winners produced by NGL Label in house producer Dwight Beatz are certified classics with visuals soon to drop. Making his rounds with the greats in New York Hip Hop Radio Hot 97 DJ Drewski, Power 105 DJ Will, and Desert Storm Radio with DJ Clue and DJ Culture. Pay close attention to this artist who is poised to become the face of “da culture” for years to come!!!