Dub Raw I Wanna See You

Dub Raw

"I Wanna See You"

Born on the South Side of Chicago and lost his mother before age 13. The unforgiving streets & bad decisions found Dub in jail by age 16, where he was 'protected' from the gang violence that took the lives of 2 cousins and many friends. Young Anthony began to develop his writing skills by honing in on Poetry which led to Spoken Word finally emerging in to Flow Hip Hop Raps.

While beginning to find success in Chicago in 2001, Dub was set up by a member of a neighborhood gang and shot 9 times, being left for dead. After being successfully revived by the paramedics, Dub rededicated his life to sharing his story & helping to curb the violence plaguing inner city youth.

In 2005, Dub donated $13,000 from his Street Record sales to assist a mother & son begin a new life in a house of their own. Dub's Fashion, a clothing store, was opened by Dub in Little Rock, AR in 2007.

DUB RAW is defined by his determination, hard work and persistence driven to succeed from the underground up with a current mission to Unite The Communities by showcasing the talent of young aspiring artists through Music & People.